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I’m originally from Canada but moved to Israel 10 years ago.  After much time travelling the world and visiting many different countries, Israel was the one that gave me a sense of home.   It was here that I met my israeli wife, Liz, and we have been living in Jerusalem since we were married over 8 years ago.

Living in Jerusalem has been a place of new challenges but also great inspiration.  It is amazing to think that many of the great Psalms were written and sung in this place 3000 years ago and are still relevant for today.  I don’t think I could have written and recorded these songs in a more inspiring place than here in Jerusalem. 

My passion is to see the Psalms and other Scriptures restored back into our personal and congregational worship as it was in the time of King David.   I believe that music is a very powerful way to strengthen our spirits and also to influence our thinking so that our minds and emotions are lining up with truth.  My wife and I have personally seen the fruit of singing and listening to the psalms everyday and how it changes the atmosphere of our home, relationships and our inner thought life.  We love to see others blessed in the same way and want to keep writing and sharing the music we have been given.  It takes a lot of focus and a cultivated life of worship to write worship music.  That is only the beginning.   Most people don’t realize it, but I spend hours arranging, recording, and editing my songs after they are written.  My wife also helps with that because it is very time consuming.  It is my desire to keep producing more songs to bless people and the inspiration to do so doesn’t seem to stop!  

I also have a strong desire that believers all over the world begin to see the incredible significance of Jerusalem not only in the past but it’s central role in the restoration process we are in right now!  I desire that all His people connect to the Land of Israel and especially to the place of His Name, the City of Elohim.  I love to encourage people to experience Jerusalem during the Feasts, especially during my favourite time of the year, Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles).   The Feasts are a very inspiring time designed by our Father to renew our spirits and also to bring his people together in the unity of worship.  In fact many of the songs I have recorded were written during those incredible times of refreshing.  

Blessings from Jerusalem (Psalm 128:5),

James and Liz

James and Liz (Jerusalem) - Edited


  1. Sadaf Saddique says:

    Dear brother,
    I am friend with Hadassah from Holland and she told me about you and your songs. I am going to play them in the morning in my home. She is telling me that it would be a blessing. I wish I could play them right now, but it is mid night here in Pakistan and I am waiting for my family to wake up so I can play them.
    Love Prayers and Blessings from Pakistan!

    Yours in Him,

    • Hello James and Liz , im fond of listening to worship music, im able to relax enjoy in a peaceful enviroment, I want to thank you for using psalms as your choice ,they are The best.please continúe your excellent selection with this gender, continúe you still hace many more to sing forma our Elohim

  2. Dear Bro James
    I listen to Eliyah on Sabbaths and he plays your music, Just want to say what a blessing it is to me and all the others that Listen..And it was such a blessing to hear your testimony today when you called in and spoke with EliYah..thank you brother and may Yahweh shine his face upon you and yours

    In Messiahs Love

  3. Timothy Roberts says:

    Thank you so much for your service to Messiah’s bride in sharing your gift of music! Wonderful, thank you! Shalom!

  4. Sheila hood says:

    Hi James, it was nice to met you and your beautiful wife LIz, I enjoyed that night watching and listening to you. there’s so much joy in me while listening to your music. thank you for sharing with us your gift of music..you are truly a blessing !

    • Putri says:

      No matter how well we know and foollw God, we can always ask him to increase our awareness and improve our obedience. Jesus echoed one of these requests in the sixth beatitude, God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.’ -LASBPsalm 86:11-14 is considered a prayer within a prayer and we are encouraged to commit this one to memory and use it often. Great song, mom!

  5. David Stoll says:

    Hello James, Featured Your video Great is Your Faithfulness (Psalm 92) on my Daily posting this morning on Facebook Pages,twitter,Pinterst,and Today’s Journey. Beautiful Song and video. Love your ministry in song and video.
    Make It A Great Day, Everyday! http://www.makeitagreatdayeveryday.com/

  6. Cheryl Van Herk says:

    Shalom James!
    I was praying today, asking the Father for beautiful worship music, and I found your songs. I am so thankful. As we have had our minds renewed by the word, we have realized that a lot of the worship music we listened to before was not correct as far as Biblical truth. To find Scripture put so beautifully to music, well, what a delight! May our Father bless you as you minister to His children.

    • James Block says:

      Shalom Cheryl,
      Thanks for writing. It is great to hear that you are so blessed by the music and that the Father led you to this music when you asked. There are more songs coming!

      Where are you from?

      Many Blessings from Jerusalem,
      James and Liz

      • Cheryl Van Herk says:

        I am from Ontario, Canada. It’s very cool that you were originally from Canada…where abouts? I would love to go to Israel…some day soon I hope. I am learning Hebrew and absolutely love it. It has helped me understand the Scriptures…
        I can’t wait til you come out with more albums, I have Selah and your instrumental album. Your piano music in your songs is lovely, my daughter would love the sheet music 🙂
        Blessings to you and Liz!

        • James Block says:

          Shalom Cheryl,
          I’m originally from Kelowna. It is about 4 hours east of Vancouver if you have never heard of it. I hope you will make it to Israel someday especially since you are learning Hebrew already.
          I’m not sure if you noticed but the second Selah album (Volume 2) is finished and available on the website so now there is 3 albums. The lyrics and chords are on the website as well but I don’t have the Piano sheet music at this time. Maybe sometime in the future.

          Blessing from Jerusalem,

    • Hadassah says:

      Really special, Cheryl, what you have written.Last year in spring I have had the same experience and found the song “Out of the depth’s” of James Block…
      Thank you for this comment! Shalom from the Netherlands…

  7. Helen B. says:

    Shalom my Brother and Sister in Messiah!

    Wanted to leave a comment on how much of a blessing your music has been to me. I was searching for Messiah praise and worship music and found you on Chavah Radio. I was instantly in love with the praise you offer to Yahweh through your music. It is so refreshing to hear praise and worship music according to Scripture and using the true name of Yahweh. I play all your songs almost daily as they truly minister to me; with my favorites being Overcome, Psalm 125, Great is Your Faithfulness and Psalm 90. I really love the piano and violin use in your songs-so beautiful! Thank you for your faithfulness to your gift and I pray you will continue to bless us with praise music as Yahweh blesses you through word and song. Can’t wait for the next CD! Be blessed my brother and much love to you and your lovely wife. Wish I was there in the beautiful land of Israel!-smile…Have a blessed day!

  8. melisha says:

    i want to download great is your faithfullness and cant …… why is this so? is it available?

  9. Wolfram Rosenkranz says:

    Hello dear brother in the Lord

    It was nice meeting you in Wetzikon/Switzerland this morning. You are a bearer of much blessing to the ISRAEL nations, as you are also a descendant of Ephraim. Praise HIM!
    Many greetings!
    Wolfram Rosenkranz, Uster, Switzerland

  10. John Petch says:

    Hi Jack
    We had an all age family service this morning and showed your youtube clip of Psalm 139 song during a prayer time. It was moving, I have downloaded your songbook and intend to use with our worship band. God bless you and Liz and the work you are doing in Jerusalem. We will remember you both in prayer.
    John Widnes Baptist Church, UK

  11. Kay says:

    Dear brother James, may Yahweh bless you richly! Thank you for these wonderfull songs, I am sure they are an offering that is well pleasing to Yahweh! Your songs are such a blessing to us! Thank you! Yahweh keep you and make his face shine upon you!

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  13. Cindy Kiser says:

    Hello and Shalom James & Liz
    I just discovered your wonderful music this Sabbath and
    so appreciate and love the Psalms in song. I played your YouTube playlist for hours.
    My husband and I have a website, http://www.thehighestcalling.net and I have shared your YouTube playlist to the music videos section. (http://www.thehighestcalling.net/james-block.html)
    So grateful to Yah for leading you out of her James

    May Yah bless you and keep You and your’s


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  15. douglas boninsegna says:

    hey james do you consider yourself a messianic?

  16. Christal Stevens says:

    Thank you for these amazing worship songs.Yahweh bless you inspire you to bring forth more.

  17. yahparagon israyah elad says:

    DEAR BRO JAMES, Shalom.i am writing from Cameroon IN THE CITY OF BUEA.Its a wonderful pleasure knowing people like you, indeed i have being blessed with the few of your songs in my possession and would really want more.may Yah Almighty continue to blessed you and inspire you with more praises.Wishes to have brothers and friends of your category to reach people like us who live in the dark ages of lost, lust, blindness and poverty.YAH barak….

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  19. james cyr says:

    will you be worshiping live like you did a month ago .I know you had your musical instruments stolen .SATAN prefers you not to ,but YAHWEH wants you .YAHWEH BLESS you and your family

    • James Block says:

      Shalom James,

      We are still waiting on the Father to provide another place to have the worship gatherings. The equipment that got stolen wasn’t ours but we will still need some sound equipment wherever we end up doing the meetings.

      Thanks for your concern,

  20. Sandy Babcock says:

    Thank you again, my Brother, for moving me into the Spirit of worship today on Shabbat. I remain there still. A friend and I were with you on a rooftop at a hotel in Jerusalem when we were there for Passover a few weeks back. There is nothing like singing Psalms about Jerusalem and dancing in the streets of Zion before our King…in Jerusalem! I remained in the Spirit for the next three hours, until we flew out to return home (Albany and Salem, Oregon, USA). I delight in the sweetness and purity of your spirit, as you lead us into worship. Anointed. May you and your family be deeply, richly blessed as you bless others. Next year in Jerusalem! Delight, delight, delight. Sandy

    • James Block says:

      Shalom Sandy,
      Thank you for sharing. I am very encouraged to hear that. We definitely had a special night of worship during Passover. To be on the rooftop was very unique and much better than being stuck in a building. Hope to see you again next year!

  21. teodolfo l. valencia says:

    we received the bible and other references you sent via exactly b. tequillo, we are so thankful for this book, it help us a lot to know the reality, YAHUAH bless you more. i am teodolfo L. valencia of San Jose, Taytayan, Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines.

  22. Marxus says:

    my wife and I are Germans and we moved to Paraguay last years following Gods word. I wrote a little something about the hebrew alphabeth and during readingnthe psalms Imgotmthe idea of building up a small personal database, so that we will have at least some songs for every psalm and on the search I found your great work.
    Thanks for giving music to Gods words.
    God bless you and your wife.
    Y‘verechecha Adonai.

  23. James and Liz, this worship music is transcendent. Just discovered your music and have worshiped deeply with it. On Friday, I spent nearly all day worshiping with your songs on Youtube…an amazing thing started to happen as I worshiped with you – as I sang along with you, songs of the Ruach began to flow out like Rivers in a way like I can never remember. It was amazing. I so believe that singing the Word, singing the Psalms, in the anointing of the Ruach as you do is powerful beyond our understanding. I remember many years ago when there was a revival of “Scripture Songs” among believers and I believe it is the reason there was so much “revival” during those days in the ’70’s and ’80’s. I believe your music has that same anointing for this generation – praying we will soon see Him, Yeshua haMashiach. Bo, Yeshua!

    Blessings and love over you!

    Cathy Hargett
    Highway to Zion Ministries, Inc.

  24. Nancy Hose says:

    Dear Liz and James,
    Your music is so very touching and has brought much light to my life. Thank you and nay Yah give you nightly of His favour.
    Question: is there a place where I can purchase your YouTube videos or pay to download some of them?
    Thank you,
    Nancy Hose

  25. Sufyan says:

    KATAMBA SUFYAN is my name am from (kampala)Uganda in east Africa am 22 years I loved your songs and am going to teach with to the children I minister in fellowship. I also love YHWH and my prayer is that I also marry a wife from Israel who Loves YHWH my ELOHIM

  26. Carol McAvin says:

    Dear James,
    I am truly grateful and praise Yahweh for the blessing of your songs to praise him. I listen to them at work where my job is stressful and they bring me great peace. Please bring more for us. Do you use the holy names exclusively? What faith are you. Thank you again for sharing these Psalms and melodies

  27. Audrey s. Kelley says:

    When can you come back to beit tehilah in Brandon fl. We resonate with you sooo

  28. Reuben says:

    I’m looking to purchase your music with the video lyrics for our very small fellowship shabbat worship. Is this what I would be purchasing in the digital format?


    • James Block says:

      Shalom Reuben,
      Unfortunately, I don’t have the video’s available for download. You are welcome to play them through Youtube. There shouldn’t be any advertisment on them.
      Blessings, to you and your fellowship

  29. Lori Lejeune says:

    Jame’s your music is a Blessing! I have been searching for music that has Yahweh’s name used. I am so Happy to of found your music. I ordered 4 of your cd’s and am looking forward to more. I know you have Instrumental’s but want to hear the words. Shalom umvorach😇 to you and your wife-Liz

  30. Colin & Sharelle says:

    Shalom James & Liz,
    Praying all is well with you both and that the touring went well?
    Next year in ירושלים
    Blessings from Australia

  31. Annette Newman says:

    Hallo James & Liz
    Your music is a real Blessing to me..thank you for sharing your Gift provided from our wonderful CREATOR 🙌
    I were wondering if you play all your songs in 432 Hz or even in 528 Hz ???? I learned just Recently how important that is ..440 Hz is really damaging our whole body..I would love to hear from you soon..Toda Toda and Shalom to you both From Annette

    • James Block says:

      Shalom Annette,
      All the songs on my Instrumental Albums are in the tuning of 444Hz and have the 528Hz and the 396Hz frequencies in them. The Selah Vol. 1 album is also all in that tuning.

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