Restoration Songs

Restoring Our Lost Identity – Firstborn Song


 The Message is clear.  We are Israel and it is time for the restoration of the Kingdom to Yisrael.  We aren’t talking about the Jewish State of Israel, although that is surely a part of this restoration,  we are talking about the restoration of the identity of everyone who is not Jewish but is also part of the greater company of people who are also Israel.  Those of the many descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that lost their way over 2500 years ago.  Those who forgot who they are… Sons of Elohim.

 As the sands of the sea so are the descendants of Abraham.  So many people out there have the faith of Abraham hidden in their genes like a seed that is ready to germinate as soon as it is watered.   The focus of the message and music here is to water that dormant seed.  To awaken that seed with a Song and call those chosen ones out of the Babylonian system of modern religion and into the life giving ways of the Spirit of יהוה .



A Prayer For Restoration of Ephraim – Psalm 80 Song

Menorah (edited)

This song comes from Psalm 80 which is a prayer for the restoration of the House of Joseph or Ephraim.  It is a very unique Psalm because it is written like a modern day worship song with a repeated chorus.




A Prayer of Repentance and Restoration – Daniel 9 Song

 This song comes right out of the prayer that Daniel prayed in Daniel chapter 9.  He knew that Jeremiah had prophesied the return of the House of Judah after 70 years of exile.  This is the prayer he prayed when that 70 years of punishment was coming to a close.  Like the time of this prayer, we also know that the punishment on the Lost Tribes of Israel is coming to a close and so this prayer is a very relevant prayer for us again today.

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    1. No matter how well we know and fololw God, we can always ask him to increase our awareness and improve our obedience. Jesus echoed one of these requests in the sixth beatitude, God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.’ -LASBPsalm 86:11-14 is considered a prayer within a prayer and we are encouraged to commit this one to memory and use it often. Great song, mom!

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