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Complete Song Book by James Block (2013 - 2016)

Complete Songbook for all songs from the first 3 albums (2013 – 2016)

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Breath Of Yah (2018) –  Song Book

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Open the Gates (2016) – Songbook

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Selah Vol.1 (2014) – Songbook

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Front 1.2 (CD Baby Artwork)Selah Vol.2 (2015) – Songbook

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Selah Vol.1 – Songbook (alternative keys):

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  1. Hyden Paul says:

    Please give me the chords for Isaiah 40 song. I play most of ur songs on guitar and also sing it.

  2. Tikiri Rambukwelle says:

    Shalom James and Liz, we met at the conference, I am the lady from Sri Lanka. Please send me the pdf of the chords for the CDs to my email. I bought the CDs at the conference. Keep in touch.

  3. Hyden Paul says:

    I have learnt to play and sing Isaiah 40 song Thank you

  4. Timothy James Roberts says:

    Shalom James and Liz,

    I look forward to your next album! What a delight your music is … I praise Yahweh for you both and for your music.

    Blessings to you both and to your ministry!

  5. Hyden Paul says:

    I loved your new song. Could you please send the lyrics and chords for “Most high”

  6. Pam Artmann says:

    Yours songs are as Awesome as the one you sing about!
    I sign to all of your songs in 3 assemblies and they love your songs and so we are going to start buying your CD’s soon.

  7. martin and Jeanet says:

    Hi James and Liz,

    It was awesome ysesterdayevening, we are so blessed! Todah raba. Hope to meet you soon in Jerusalem.

  8. Andrew says:

    I was wondering if you could send me the chords to psalms 121? I didn’t see it on the download. Thank you guys, I just discovered your music and it’s beautiful and touching!

    • James Block says:

      Psalm 121 will be on the next album called, “Open the Gates”. I hope it will be done by July 2016 and then soon after I will have all the chords available for download.

  9. Cheryl Van Herk says:

    James, thank you for your latest album, Open the Gates. I listen to all your albums regularly, they are my favorites and have been since they came out. Having your sing Scripture feeds my soul and spirit and makes my faith grow and best of all, brings me closer to YAH in a way I never knew. That is most precious.
    Will you have time to provide guitar chords for this latest album? Thank you for providing the lyrics.
    May YAH bless you and your lovely wife. Shalom!

  10. Doug Hargis Sr. says:

    Hi james when will the cord book be available for open the gates album thanks Doug Hargis

  11. Esther Haverluck says:

    Recently a friend introduced me to your songs. LOVE, LOVE them. It is so important to infuse scripture into our minds. May Yahweh bless you immensely beyond your dreams. I introduced your songs to our Messianic Keheilah.

  12. Hi Brother James
    Thank you so much and God bless you.
    Indeed you have blessed many people by allowing the chords be downloaded free.. You have indeed bought wisdom and did not sell it.. WHich your efforts and strength had bought it and freely you give. God bless you.
    It helped me a lot with such an economical situation and album songs are quiet expensive. This i say are truly SPirit led.
    I am a disciple of Yeshua and I am blessed by this!
    Be Yahweh lifted up in all the efforts and accomplishments you do!!
    Be Blessed…

    A disciple of Yeshua

  13. Zach Tequillo says:

    Shalom Brother, i always play your songs from vol.1-2. .,i used to play during my meditation and scriptural study. Praise to Abba Yahweh

  14. David Marx says:

    Shalom James and Liz,

    My family and I so enjoyed meeting you. Thank you for the wonderful praise and worship evening. To sing along with you in person, to glorify Yahweh the Father and Yahshua the son was a true blessing. Till we meet again in the city of the great King. Your brother in messiah, David.

  15. Paul says:

    Hi James, I don’t suppose you have the notes for your songs to play on the piano?

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