Netherlands Tour this April!




Netherland:  April 24 – May 9, 2023

April 27:  Shamar Den Haag

April 29:  Katwijk

May 3:     Apeldoorn

May 6:     Middelburg



James Live in Holland copy

24 thoughts on “Tours

  1. Shalom James,

    We are friends of Kees and Haddasah, and earlier this year was Hilde with two of out kids in Jerusalem and she tried to have contact with you, but it was then not possible for you, you was in the north, …

    Haddasah informed us that you are coming to Switzerland and Holland and we also saw the dates on your website, …

    So your tour is ending in Swiss round august 17 and than you traveling to Holland is that with plane or car? Is there a possibility that you visiting us and so yes, what is the cost? We live in Belgium near Bruges (Brugge). We have in our house a speciale room for guests, so that is no problem, …

    From august 11 to 14 we have a Biblestudyweek with friends of us from Arad (Israël) and then they give also a few seminars on august 10, 17 and 24. So maybe there is a combination possible?

    Kind regards, Wim, Hilde and kids.

  2. Hello : )
    On Feb. 6 – Feb. 23 2015 You will be on Tour in Switzerland.
    Could You please give me more Information, which Cities You will visit (adress + time)?

    Thank You in advance

    Hanni Sidler
    Zurich Switzerland

  3. Shalom James,
    Thank you for the time in the Prima Kings Hotel in Jerusalem with our group. This was a special time and I hope, we can see back in Germany other Israel in another time to praise YHWH. Blessings from YHWH for you und your wife. Hans-Georg

  4. This music is such a blessing. I live in Vancouver WA USA and belong to COYJ as there is no Congregation of YHWH in the Pacific NW and it helps so much to be able to watch your videos on YouTube. Thank you. B”Shem Yahshua

  5. Shalom James,

    Praise Yah! I am so thankful that a friend directed me to your music. The Psalm 139 Song was the first I listened to and cried for happiness… so beautiful. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada and discovered you also used to live in this province. Please let me know when you might be touring out this way. Todah and Shalom 🙂

    1. Thanks for writing! I’m glad you discovered the music.
      I’m originally from Kelowna, B.C. not to far from you! I hope to make it to B.C. Canada sometime next year if we do a tour in the Northwest of U.S. It would be great to also do a worship meeting in Vancouver area. I’ll let you know if we end up going next year.


      1. I have just discovered your music. It’s just what I needed. Isn’t awesome Our Father is so wonderful. I guess it’s not going to be received by the majority. Only a remnant. It’s hard to understand why people can’t see what we see. But you found our much earlier. My first revelation was reading the Torah after being saved and thinking here is where we need to be but I didn’t fully understand then. I so want to visit Israel some day. But maybe it will be New Jerusalem 🙂 Bless you and your family.

  6. Thank you for your music of praise. We sing and play your songs for our nightly family worship time. Could you please post the tour dates for the USA, would very much like to come to one.

    Thank you, Tucker

  7. Shalom James and Liz!
    Reading your 2016 Tour schedule, I realized with a heavy heart that we missed your NW US tour dates. I’m sure it was amazing and that the Oil of YAHWEH flowed and blessed every soul attending in all your tour venues. I am so righteously blessed to have discovered your music in 2014 on YouTube and now have purchased Selah 2 and Open the Gates on iTunes and share with everyone who will listen. My sister in Yahshua and I are praying, waiting, watching, and preparing for the day when we leave this wicked “daughter of Babylon” and return to our Home in Yerushalayim. Longing for the day when our Bridegroom will return and rule the nations from His Beloved City of Elohim. “She’s like a bride in a bright white dress, adorn her with jewels. [We] want to be standing [there] when [He] comes for [His] jewels.”
    B’shem Yahsua, me atah ve ad-olam! HalleluYAH

    1. Shalom Rylee,

      My wife and I were touring there last summer and the summer before. I’m sure we will come back sometime, I just don’t know when. I guess it also depends on what doors open in America.


  8. Thank you for sharing your anointed music on YouTube, it has blessed me and many others very much.

  9. Dear James & Liz! I really enjoyed the worship event in Pretoria. For me a wake up call not to neglect praise&worship unto YHVH! Hope to see you again soon. May you be blessed in abundance. Shalom!

    1. Shalom Justus,
      Yes, I would consider coming to Western Australia in the future. It would depend on what kind of doors open up for us there. At the moment, we don’t have many connections in Australia.

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