Restoring the Psalms

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Restoring the Psalms is not simply about writing a modern version of the Psalms and incorporating them into modern theology.  If we are truly restoring the Psalms then that includes restoring the name of our Father to our worship and also the theme of Israel to our worship.

If we are true to the text there is no room for replacement theology.  There is one common name for all the people of Elohim.  King David and other writers of the Psalms over and over are speaking to Israel because Israel is a more accurate name for who we are if we believe and obey the Elohim (God) of the Scriptures.  Identifying as Israel helps us to see the bigger picture outside our own personal worlds and connect with the corporate body that we are a part of.

When it comes to the name of our Father, it is so very important that we begin to sing his name in our worship because it develops a healthy emotional bond of love and affection to that name instead of to names such as God and the LORD which are man made titles that do not appear in the original scriptures and which do not clearly distinguish Him from other god’s.

Restoring the Psalms is also about restoring Jerusalem to ‘our highest joy’ (Psalm 137:6).  Worshipping in Jerusalem is one of the most powerful and prophetic things a believer can experience especially during the appointed Feast days (Passover, Shavuot (Penticost) and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)).  The true significance of Jerusalem has been lost for two thousand years but in this generation I believe Jerusalem will again be the centre of worship, creativity, light (Psalm 50:2) and wisdom as it was in King David’s time.  Jerusalem is to be the source of inspiration and joy for the whole earth (Psalm 48:2) for it is here that Elohim has placed his name forever (2 Ch 7:16) and it is from here that He will establish His Kingdom on Earth (Jer 3:17).  The Psalms are clearly pointing us back to Jerusalem.

8 thoughts on “Restoring the Psalms

  1. YAH bless you for sharing your awesome worship and praise music ! Where can I buy your music videos and CDs ?

  2. Dear James and Liz,

    Thank you so much for your great songs and restoring the beautiful name of our father. I was looking and hoping to find music like this.
    Shalom! GertJan from the Netherlands.

  3. muchas gracias James por bendecir nuestras vidas y permitirnos adorar a nuestro Padre así como lo hacían antes….Desde Panamá, un abrazo y que cada día nuestro ABBÁ Y ELOHIM siga dándote más y más inspiración para poder adorarle y exaltar su verdadero Nombre..YHWH

  4. Chorei muito escutando o video,era o que meu coração estava precisando!Amei!Pois também amo os salmos.Sei que fui muito abençoada.Obrigado por me enviaren o email com o vídeo.Que Deus os abençoe abundantemente.

  5. Shalom James ! Thank you so much once again for sharing your Yah given gifts with the body of our Massiah Yahshua . You are a true and pure blessing to us who love your heart for our Creator and king . Thank you also for this wonderful website and for sharing your music and lyrics with us . This also is such a blessing . Thank you for your gracious generous heart to give and to share . Love in Him who saves us , YHWH El of all

  6. Just beautiful and so refreshing are the sounds of the Ruach HaKodesh in these heavenly songs… with loving gratitude….
    🎹🎶🎸 LM

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